Celebrating New Life In Changing Times

Living in the northeast the signs of fall are all around us. The weather is changing. The leaves are changing color. Some days are brilliantly sunny while others are gloomy and cold. Throughout the summer months we enjoy the shade and breeze the bright green leaves provide us, and then almost suddenly, in the fall, these bright green leaves change to brilliant colors: red, gold, tan, orange, and so many more combinations of colors. It seems just as quickly as they provide shade they change colors for a moment, revealing their incredible DNA for creativity, and then they fall to the ground and wither away.

Within the day-to-day of our lives, there is a similar journey with experiences we have. Friends appear and as amazing as they are in one season, in another season they seem to have disappeared. Incredible job opportunities in one season seem like they could never end and in another season the opportunities seem like an old story. An achieved goal brings great excitement in one day and years down the road we forget that goal even existed.

These wonderful moments and experiences of our lives enrich us and shape us into the people we are becoming. We must learn to enjoy the moments as they enrich our lives, watch the experiences transform and display their great beauty, and be willing to watch them pass on so that something new can emerge.

All of us face these moments, experiences, relationships, and opportunities. We watch their beauty displayed in our lives, and just as quickly we often must embrace the letting go to experience the new that must emerge.

What new things are trying to emerge in your life? Like the beautiful leaves of fall, experiences in your life may be displaying signs of a coming transition. While you celebrate the creativity and uniqueness of this present moment, are you also willing to embrace letting go so that new things may emerge? Sure, letting go often involves moments of grieving, processing, and remembering. Accepting involves embracing what new may come in the new season.

As you face a season of transition, embracing the letting go of and celebrating the new, here are some questions to consider:

  1. What are you willing to let go of?
  2. Are you willing to step into a season of something new? What will you celebrate?
  3. How can the lessons learned and experiences had in this current season help you live a better you in the new season?

Life coaching is a great tool to embrace change and celebrate new opportunities. InVision Leadership is here to help you achieve your goals in the new season of life you find yourself in.

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