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Zach Prosser

Zach Prosser, MCC, AG5, CMCC

President & Director of Education

Zach serves as the President of InVision Leadership, Director of Education for Zach Prosser Coaching Training School, and all of the initiatives for coaching and coaching academics.

Bryce Moltumyr, CLC, AG2

Operations Manager

Bryce has always used a coach approach in more than 20 years of active ministry while only officially practicing coaching since 2017. He is drawn to coach people through discovering their identity, passions, and purpose; and partner with them to grow into that purpose to be their most effective self in the Church or their area of influence. When Bryce isn’t working on all things coaching, he can usually be found in his workshop with Winston, his “shop dog,” making something out of wood or looking for anything to DIY.

Zach Prosser
Zach Prosser

Brandon McGee

Director of Coach Success

Student and alumni coaches have an advocate for their ongoing success. Brandon connects with our coach community to help ensure their success every step of the way.

Matthew Ford, ACC, AG3

Administrative Support, Instructor

Matt is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation whose passion lies in helping clients discover their strengths, gain insight into their motives, and align their actions with their core values. Matt firmly believes that when individuals align their actions with what is most important to them, they can overcome obstacles and find purpose in their lives.
Over the past decade, Matt has effectively partnered with people from various ages and stages of life to navigate through challenging and transformative seasons. Through coaching, Matt has witnessed significant positive changes and personal growth in each of my clients.
Matt is a coach who can help you uncover your strengths, gain clarity, and align your actions with your values.

Zach Prosser
Zach Prosser

Angie Marks, CLC

Recruiting Specialist

Prospective students and coach clients will find great opportunity and value with InVision. Angie will help you discover your path with InVision so that it will be a transformative experience for you.

Tyler Gerfers, AG1

Recruiting Specialist

Tyler has used a coach approach in life and ministry since 2021. He loves to engage people through coaching to see them learn and grow as a whole person. Tyler has a great passion for coaching and believes it is ‘the high tide that raises all ships’ for everyone. Outside of coaching, Tyler works with university students, ministry leaders, and all things powerlifting.

Zach Prosser
Zach Prosser

Tonya Waechter, PCC, AG4, CPCC

Instructor & Mentor Coach

With over 25 years of experience as a licensed therapist, I’ve dedicated my career to supporting individuals on their transformative journeys. Having spent countless hours sitting across from hundreds of broken leaders in my therapy office, I recognized the need for proactive help to prevent crises. This led me to coaching! Now for the past 10 years my mission has been to empower leaders to uncover their true potential and live out their divine calling. 

Kendra Kertson, ACC

Instructor in Training & Mentor Coach

Kendra is a dedicated life coach, serving individuals with a special focus on missionaries and those within the Christian community. Throughout her years of full-time coaching, Kendra has witnessed the transformative power of faith-based coaching, helping missionaries overcome obstacles, strengthen their relationships, and thrive in their mission work. Beyond her coaching practice, Kendra is thrilled to be a coach trainer. She is passionate about empowering ministers and those in the helping professions to enhance their leadership skills, deepen their spiritual practices, and navigate the complexities of ministry with grace and resilience.

Zach Prosser
Zach Prosser

Tammy Young, ACC, AG3, CCC

Instructor in Training

A vibrant and transparent gal who sparks hope in the lives of others, Tammy graduated with an undergrad in Christian Education in 1987. After raising her family, owning her own business, working corporately, and pastoring for three decades, God prompted her to invest in her future growth. Tammy attended the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary at Evangel University and graduated in 2019 with a master’s degree in leadership. Each part of her story has given Tammy the tools she needs to empower and equip others to embark on a journey of daily, Christ-centered transformation from the inside out.