Catalyst + Velocity
Facilitating Change that Accelerates Growth

We Exist

  • Because people matter
  • Because a healthy life and healthy leadership require continual growth opportunities
  • Because innovative thinking and change begin with a coach approach
  • Because courageous people need courageous coaches to inspire new opportunities

Catalocity is a non-profit organization that receives charitable funding to partner with the following to help those leading, working in or participating in non-profit organizations:

  • Leaders wanting to accelerate their growth
  • Organizations wanting to have greater results in achieving their mission and values
  • Individuals overcoming limitations to move forward and make bold change

Catalocity Provides

  • Individual and group coaching services
  • Trauma-aware coaching services
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Leadership Development Retreats

Non-profit leaders may opt into our annual membership-based opportunity CATALOCITY+ to receive an ongoing package of intentional growth opportunities each year or select standalone services to enhance leadership development.

Catalocity+ Includes

  • Monthly Leadership Resource Virtual Group: Catalyst
  • 4 Individual Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Discounted annual Leadership Retreat Registration (onsite)
  • Free tools and resources
  • Opportunity to receive discounted coach certification training, discounted access to coaching skill Master Classes, and more

You can invest into the growth and success of non-profit leaders by making a contribution today to Catalocity.